Years of Painful Knees successfully treated through Total Knee Replacement | Kailash Hospital Noida

67 yr old patient Mrs Kamlesh Kapoor, was in great agony due to her extremely painful knee, elderly lady living with her husband found it impossible to carry out her daily routine activity at home; she was getting psychologically devastated. On recommendation by her Daughter, they visited Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida & consulted Sr. Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. Sushil Sharma, who closely monitored her knee condition and advised for a Knee Replacement surgery. The patient was admitted & successfully treated through Total Knee Replacement Surgery and the post-surgery patient was very comfortable. Now after the Knee Replacement, Mrs. Kapoor’s life is completely changed & after 2 wks only she is able to walk around well in the house, all happy & hopeful about a healthy future ahead. As the patient says that she had lost all hopes in her life to walk painlessly, while now she appreciates the healthcare services that helped her restore her mobility. She is extremely thankful to Dr. Sushil Sharma & the Kailash Hospital Medical team for this turnaround. Most of the elderly people at their advancing age suffer joint problems, they should not hesitate to get treated.

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