World Deaf Day – ENT Specialist Dr. Isha Jain explains preventive causes of Deafness

Dr. Isha Jain, ENT Specialist at Kailash Hospital, Noida has been treating patients with ENT problems efficiently since years. Dr. Isha explains the causes, signs & treatment of hearing loss & ear related problems. She tells that most of the hearing problems that are ignored may be caused by some disease, injury or infection. Knowing about its warning signs of hearing problems & getting it treated on time is important. The ENT specialist explains how an infection in the Ear can cause damage to the ear drum, veins or bones leading to severe complications ending up to a surgery or deafness. She elaborates all the causes of Deafness that can occur & be prevented. She advices people to prevent Children from piercing things into their ear as it gives less of symptoms & more complications later leading to hearing loss.


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