World Birth Defects Day | Kailash Hospital Sector 71 Noida

Birth defects are preventable anomalies that may affect the unborn child due to unhealthy lifestyle habits or other reasons. On World Birth Defects Day, Dr. Shruti Jain, Fetal Medicine & Genetics Specialist at Kailash Hospital Sector- 71 Noida elaborates on Birth defects, related Causes and Prevention. Some birth defects are minor while others cause major disabilities. She explains the types of Birth defects including Cleft lip, palate, Congenital heart defects, down syndrome and ways to prevent them during pregnancy. She advices pregnant women to consult gynaecologists before planning pregnancy. She advices women to get adequate diet, necessary vaccinations, timely Ultrasounds, follow safety measures & manage preexisting health conditions to ensure a safe delivery.

For best advice on preventing Birth Defects, Consult our Fetal Medicine experts.

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