Timely Diagnosis & Treatment of Rickettsial Fever in young boy | Kailash Hospital Greater Noida

Young child Aashwan who is very sensitive & dust allergic has been getting his treatment from Paediatrician Dr. Samiksha Mehra, Paediatrician at Kailash Hospital Greater Noida. His mother Mrs. Sneha tells that they frequently visit the paediatrician for every discomfort their child suffers. She states that last year when little Aashwan had been getting fever rash which was mistakenly assumed as Chicken- pox by the parents & was delayed. When they brought him to Dr. Samiksha it was finally diagnosed to be Rickettsial Fever and treatment was started. The parents confidently appreciate the experience of Dr. Samiksha in diagnosing any disease and also compliment the hospitality of the medical staff in attending patients.

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