Timely diagnosis of unexplained persistent fever helped save a life | Kailash Hospital Gr. Noida

Patient Ashok Sharma had been having very high fever since few days with an unknown reason. The family was really tensed about it when they rushed him to Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida emergency. The medical staff proactively checked the patient’s vitals & tried lowering his body temperature until when Physician Dr. Pramila R. Baitha arrived and assessed the patient’s condition. As per her advice patient was admitted and some diagnostics were suggested for a close diagnosis of the patient through endoscopy. In this, Dr. Pramila was adjoined by a team including Gastroenterologist Dr. Amogh Dudhwewala & Dr. Akansha. The Doctor’s team efficiently diagnosed the problem & the treatment was done successfully. Now post-treatment patient is healthy & has started to recover positively. His daughter is really glad to see her father healthy & thanks to the Doctors’ team at Kailash Hospital for a compassionate caring experience. She appreciates the healthcare services of the hospital. Persistent high fever can be suspiciously harmful to health indicating unknown damage to the body.

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