Take Care of Eyes & prevent Eye Infections | Dr. Sonika Gupta Sr. Eye Specialist KHNI Sec 71 Noida

The current Covid-19 situation should not stop people to take care of their eyes as some negligence can lead to severe eye infections. Dr. Sonika Gupta, Sr. Eye Specialist at KHNI Sec 71, Noida advices people to take utmost care of Eyes & vision during this lockdown while we take other safety measures. She tells that while staying home also we can consult Doctors through Video & Online consultation except for some emergency cases like sudden vision changes, double vision, eye injury, pain or redness when patients can immediately consult their Doctors to avoid further complications. She explains how important it is to prevent eye infections and emergency problems especially for elderly patients. She advices to follow proper hand hygiene before touching the eyes & use glasses instead of contact lenses till the situation persists. Video Consultation with our Doctor now available!

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