Successful Uterus Surgery for treatment of Uterine Prolapse | Kailash Hospital, Sector 71 Noida

65yr old patient Geeta Devi had been suffering with uterine prolapse and her son Mr. Ashish Mishra took her to a nearby hospital for ultrasound where she was adviced surgery. For a second though the patient was visited to Kailash Hospital, Sector 71 Noida and consulted to Obst. & Gynaecologist Dr. Neelam Benara. On Dr. Neelam’s advice about immediate uterus removal, patient was admitted & successfully treated through Uterus Removal Surgery. Her son Ashish tells that with timely treatment & proper care at hospital, patient recovered well and is now able to move by herself. The family appreciates the homely patient care of the medical staff and efficiency of the Doctor that helped their patient get well.

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