Successful Treatment of Shoulder rotator cuff tear | Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida

Patient Mr. Vishnu Aggarwal fell down in the washroom & had a right shoulder injury 6 months back when he was at his son’s place in England during the pandemic. Due to the emergency Crisis, he couldn’t take proper treatment for the shoulder injury and was not able to lift right upper limb at all due to rotator cuff tear. He was in lot of pain & his disability in moving his hand. He visited Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida & consulted Sr. Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Sushil Sharma. Dr. Sushil assessed his shoulder condition & advised the patient for surgery to restore normal mobility. Patient was admitted & his right shoulder injury was successfully through Mini open Double Row repair technique by Anchors. Normally in neglected Rotator cuff injuries, movements are difficult to restoring but in just 8 weeks Mr. Vishnu Aggrawal is having full movements & doing all work. He thanks the Doctors for his treatment and appreciates the patient-friendly healthcare services of the hospital. Orthopaedic injuries should not be ignored.

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