Successful Treatment of Extensive Mouth Cancer | Kailash Hospital Dehradun

In 2021 during the peak of the pandemic, Mr. Bharat Chauhan visited & consulted Sr. Onco Surgeon Dr. Akash Narain Gaind for his father Mr. Omkar Singh Chauhan. Patient Mr. Omkar was advised to get a biopsy done. AS the biopsy revealed, Patient Omkar Singh was diagnosed with Oral Cancer. He was advised to immediately get it treated through Oncosurgery. So patient was admitted & surgery was successfully done by Sr. Onco Surgeon Dr. Akash Narain Gaind and his Team. Post-oncosurgery patient’s condition was stable. After being under close medical supervision for 8 days, Mr. Omkar felt very comfortable & now undergoing radiation therapy. Post cancer treatment patient is able to swallow food pain-free. Mr. Bharat thanks the medical team of the hospital & appreciates the convenient patient-friendly environment and proactiveness of the healthcare services. Early Diagnosis of Cancer, can help in timely treatment & save lives.

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