Successful Recovery after Emergency Brain Surgery | Neurosurgeon Dr. Shrikant Sharma KHNI

Patient Robin Yadav met with an accident and was severely injured. He was rushed to Kailash Hospital & Neuro Institute, Sec 71 Noida in a very critical condition. Patient was immediately consulted by Dr. Shrikant Sharma, Sr. Neurosurgeon (KHNI) who analyzed the patient’s condition closely. The patient had a severe brain injury with almost no hopes of life left while Dr. Shrikant put his utmost dedication & experience in treating the patient to life. Without spilling a minute, Patient Robin was successfully treated through Complex Decompressive Craniotomy which took hours. Finally patient’s life was saved & he restored senses after a couple of days. Patient’s family members express their heartfelt gratitude towards the Neurosurgeon & his team for saving Robin’s life & also appreciate the hospital services.

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