Successful management of a case of intestinal perforation with sepsis | Kailash Hospital Gr Noida

Patient Anuj Rathor complained about severe stomach pain & was rushed to a nearby hospital. Reaching the hospital they came to know that his intestines have been damaged, patient needs immediate admission & treatment. Then the patient was rushed to Kailash Hospital Greater Noida in the Emergency. Patient was initiated to undergo necessary tests post which he was consulted by Dr. Lokendra Kumar, General surgeon who analysed his critical position & treated him successfully through Laparotomy. Patient’s damaged intestines were successfully treated & he was kept in the ICU for three days under proper supervision post-surgery. After three months post Surgery now the patient is able to walk and lead a normal life healthy & happily. His sister thanks the Doctor team for saving her brother’s life & appreciates the efficient & caring medical staff. Do not ignore any health problem.
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