Successful Management of 19 yr old patient’s Cerebellar Abscess | Kailash Hospital Dehradun

19 yr old young patient Ms. Tannu with had been suffering with ear discharge which was left ignored as a minor health issue. It turned into an emergency when patient had severe headache & was rushed to Kailash Hospital Dehradun in an almost unconscious condition. They immediately consulted Consultant Neurosurgeon Dr. Ankur Kapoor who analysed the patient closely & performed severed diagnostic tests which confirmed that patient had Cerebellar Abscess with Acute Hydrocephalus. Dr. Ankur too charge & immediate treated the patient successfully through two complex surgeries. Post surgery young patient recovered well with the help of the care & treatments going on & returned back home walking without any problem. Patient’s family is very satisfied with the treatment & her father appreciates the efficiency of the medical team to manage such type of emergencies to save lives.
Any case of ear discharge should never be ignored as it may lead to life threatening consequences, so for all such type of related problems,
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