Successful Evacuation of Haematoma Subdural of 14 yr old patient | Kailash Hospital Sec- 27 Noida

14 yr old patient Ashish Sharma fell from his cycle & got badly hurt. He got a blood clot in his head which could be really risky to his health. His father Mr. Anil Kumar Sharma visited Kailash Hospital Sec- 27 Noida with the patient & consulted him to Dr. Debabrata Mukherjee, Sr. Neurosurgeon who advised that as the clot was big only surgery could treat it. 14 yr old Ashish was then admitted for neurosurgery the next day & was successfully treated through Craniotomy & Evacuation of Haematoma Subdural procedure. Post treatment patient is stable & recovered well. His father appreciates the patient- centric care of the medical team & are really thankful to the Doctor for saving their child’s life.
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