Successful Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery of 65 yr old | Kailash Hospital Sec- 27 Noida

Patient Narender Pal Singh got his knee injured after they got suddenly hit on the bed corner. He ignored the pain assuming it to be normal, until the pain increase in the night. Next Day he tried with some physiotherapy to relieve the pain but it wasn’t able to heal his extreme pain. Consequently he rushed to Kailash Hospital Sec- 27 Noida getting his X- ray & consulted Sr. Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. Sushil Sharma, who closely analyzed his condition & found out that his knees were severely fractured & immediate surgery, could help his joints recover better. Patient was successfully treated through Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery. Post- surgery patient recovered well & started to walk by himself independently with ease. He is really happy with way the Doctor dedicatedly took the responsibility of treating his fracture & helping him walk painless. He is happy with the hospital services & patient- centric care.

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