Sr. Physician Dr. Sanjay Mahajan speaks about Sepsis prevention on ‘Sepsis Awareness Month’

Dr. Sanjay Mahajan, Sr. Physician at Kailash Hospital Noida, speaks about causes, diagnosis & prevention of Sepsis on ‘Sepsis Awareness Month’. As Dr. Mahajan says that any infection unattended can lead to risk of Sepsis & it may spread to lungs as Pneumonia, abdomen, brain as Meningitis including Flu, Dengue, Malaria which can lead to death of a person too. Early diagnosis & prevention is the best cure of sepsis. He explains that sepsis may sound just an infection but it is a life –threatening diseases which needs to be treated quickly before it spreads to the entire organ. Get more information on infection & sepsis prevention from our Best Physicians at Kailash Hospital.


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