Sr. Physician Dr. Sanjay Mahajan speaks about diagnosis & management of Celiac Disease

Dr. Sanjay Mahajan, Sr. Physician at Kailash Hospital Noida, provides important information about early diagnosis, causes & management of a Celiac disease on ‘National Celiac Disease Awareness Day’. He elaborates that Celiac disorder have gluten allergy & they need to maintain a totally gluten-free diet for life as Gluten protein like in wheat, barley & rye prevents absorption of other nutrient & results in constant bloating, diarrhoea etc. He explains the symptoms & diagnosis of Celiac disease in early childhood. He tells that people with flatulence, unexplained anaemia/ iron deficient, type 1 diabetes or family history must be checked for the Celiac disease through a test for Serum TTG level. Early detection of Celiac Disease helps to prevent the disease.

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