Severe Gall Bladder Stone pain successfully managed in time | Kailash Hospital, Sector 71, Noida

Patient Mr. Heera Lal had severe stomach pain in the night & he rushed to Kailash Hospital Sector 71 Noida Emergency. He was immediately attended by the casualty staff & medical team. He was then consulted by Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr. Anvita Pankaj Antrolikar who advised some diagnostics. Patient’s reports revealed that he had huge gall bladder stone which was causing irresistible pain. His treatment was started & his gall stone was treated through surgery. Post- Treatment his stomach pain had gone & he was very satisfied. As he shares his experience about his treatment journey, he also appreciates the Caring Doctors & Cooperative medical staff for proactively treating him that midnight & cleanliness. He is happy to recommend the hospital’s patient- friendly healthcare services.

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