Patient Sukhvir Singh Thanks Kailash Hospital’s Neuro Surgeon for his Chronic back pain treatment

Patient Sukhvir Singh(60yrs) explains that he was suffering from Chronic back pain since last 18 yrs & had been visiting multiple places for his treatment but the pain was worsening. It got severe with time creating numbness in his ankle ascending to the leg with unbearable pain. He tells that after consulting Dr. Debabrata Mukherjee, Sr. NeuroSurgeon, Kailash Hospital Khurja, he felt relieved. Dr. Mukherjee treated his Back pain through Vertebral Decompression Surgery successfully. Post-surgery Sukhvir felt absolutely pain-free & ambulatory. Patient & his family are happy with the treatment & thank the hospital’s neurosurgery team & staff for treating his year-old illness.

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