Oral, Head & Neck Cancer: Early Diagnosis & Management | Kailash Hospital Greater Noida

A sore or lump in the mouth or neck can put you at risk of Head & Neck Cancer. It can lead to disability in swallowing food or even breathe. Dr. Vinod Tikku, Sr. Onco Surgeon at Kailash Hospital Greater Noida explains about the warning signs and causes of Head & Neck Cancer. As he tells that most of tobacco or betel use can lead to this Cancer. He advices ways to prevent & manage Oral Cancer in early stages through timely care. Ignoring any lump or sore, swelling in neck, thyroid area should be immediately consulted by an Oncologist it can be well diagnosed & managed in time. It can be treated through oncosurgery, chemotherapy etc. Cancer can happen with anyone at risk, while early detection matters a lot in saving lives.

For any signs of Oral, Head or Neck Cancer, Consult our Onco Surgeons. Book an Appointment: https://www.kailashhealthcare.com


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