Nursing Bottles Caries: Causes & Treatment | Kailash Hospital Jewar

Baby bottle tooth decay occurs when milk & sweetened liquids cling to an infant’s teeth due to sleeping with feeding bottle. Thinking baby teeth are temporary, so not important? Baby teeth are necessary for chewing, speaking & smiling. Nursing bottles can cause dental caries & intense tooth decay. Dr. Viplove Gupta, Dental Surgeon at Kailash Hospital Jewar explains about the causes & treatments related to feeding bottle caries. He tells that if baby bottle tooth decay is left untreated, it leads to pain and infection later resulting in tooth removal. He advices few tips to prevent nursing bottle caries & ways that can help stave off baby bottle tooth decay emphasizing on implementing good oral hygiene at an early age.
For treatment of Dental problems & nursing bottle caries, Consult our Dental Surgeons.
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