Naturopathy Therapy to treat Chronic joint pains & Arthritis

Naturopathy Therapy to treat Chronic joint pains & Arthritis


In today’s hectic life, people are overloaded with work & stress which puts most of the pressure on our health. As a result of this our health becomes imbalanced & gets prone to diseases like BP, Diabetes, joint pain, etc specially the joints of our body suffer a lot in the hush & rush of our daily routine. Medicines can cure these diseases temporarily but excess of medicines can have side-effects, so it is always best to opt for preventive healthcare. The most common problem that prevails is of the muscle & joint pain which really make life’s activity miserable.

Naturopathy has various treatment therapies for different diseases and also the prevention from them. It is a natural method of therapy that diagnoses & treats through water, air, heat, diet & lifestyle changes. Today it is an art of natural healing using natural remedies based on patient’s condition & symptoms.

Arthritis involves inflammation of joints, suffering from pain, swelling and redness. Naturopathy Therapies for joint pain & arthritis:
  • Hydrotherapy: Hydro massage helps to relax muscles, increase blood circulation, and relieve muscular pain and tension. It can help alleviate muscle and soft tissue injuries caused by low back pain, arthritis, chronic and acute pain & sports injuries.
  • Steam bath is stress relieving for those with muscle aches or arthritis, as the heat relaxes muscles and relieves pain & inflammation.
  • Epsom-salt Packs: Heating compress with Epsom salt packs to the affected area is recommended for arthritis, neuritis, paralysis, back pain, colitis, infections and kidney problems.
  • Vibromassage: This massage uses mechanical devices to pass vibration to the body surface that is being massaged to have positive impact over human neuromuscular apparatus helping the patients’ muscles work, but lactic acid does not accumulate. Thus it facilitates relaxation, stress relief, pain relief.
  • Reflexology is a gentle process that helps reduce pain, swelling and discomfort in rheumatoid arthritis. Reflexology therapy is applied to all the pressure points of foot without applying pressure on the inflamed or painful joints. Accumulated toxins & lactic acids are then flushed out by letting the patient drink a lot of water. Pain of arthritis can only be relieved with reflexology.
  • Acupressure therapy can relieve Arthritis pain & inflammation. Holding the acupressure points, releases endorphins that relieve pain. Acupressure allows these endorphins to circulate through the body. It enables increased energy & blood circulation to flow through the body and heal the joints or relieve pain & stress against their arthritic pain.

As you read, Naturopathic therapy has an abundance of treatments available to patients suffering from Arthritis, so no more pains and way to a better quality of life. KINAY has the best combination of above therapies to get the quickest and long lasting relief from pain. Give your chronic pains, a Naturopathic therapy!

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