Miraculous Recovery of Critical patient from Cardiac Arrest Emergency | Kailash Hospital Dehradun

Patient Rakesh K Bourai was immediately rushed to Kailash Hospital Dehradun in a critically unconscious state after he suffered a stroke attack followed with a Cardiac arrest. He was admitted in no time & was revived through CPR by Sr. Cardiologist Dr. Raj Pratap Singh & his Cardiac team including Cardiologists Dr. S.P. Gautam & DR. Kumar Gaurav who closed assessed his condition & started their treatment. Meanwhile as due to cardiac arrest, patient suffered multi organ complications in brain injury, kidney dysfunction & heart attack, which was managed by hospital Neurologist Dr. Ankur Kapoor & Nephrologist Dr. Vivek Ruhela. As a result of Patient’s strong will & dedicated efforts of the Doctors involved he was discharged in just 12 days. After a month when he had a hypoxia attack, & was seen in a better state, Sr. Cardiologist Dr. Raj Pratap administered a stent so that he stays as healthy & positive for further of his life. Post treatment Patient miraculously recovered from his critical condition, & is able to get back to his routine life. His son Abhishek thanks the Doctors & medical staff for all the prompt & patient centric care given to his father in saving his life.
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