Life saving treatment of a Child Patient’s Complicated Dengue fever | Kailash Hospital Greater Noida

Little boy Piyush had been suffering high fever for many days. His family rushed him to a nearby hospital and got him tested. Piyush’s report diagnosed Dengue fever and his platelets were quickly falling too. The hospital denied admission and referred to Kailash Hospital Greater Noida. Reaching the emergency of the hospital, Piyush was immediately admitted s his condition was very critical with very speedy fall in his platelets & other related complications. The patient was consulted by Paediatrician Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singh and his treatment was started. Piyush was kept in the ICU for 4 days & every moment was crucial. After a few days, with continuous efforts & efficiency of Doctors, a good sign of recovery was observed in patient Piyush’s health. His fever & platelet issue was completed under control. Seeing to this speedy recovery, the family was really thankful to the Doctors & appreciated the proactiveness of the medical team in the emergency that helped their child get the right treatment at the crucial time that saved his life.

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