Left Knee Osteoarthritis treated through Total Knee Replacement Surgery | Kailash Hospital Dehradun

Patient Narendra Kumar Jain had been suffering from his knee pain for a long time. On recommendation from one of his friends who had a similar problem & he had got his orthopaedic treatment done at Kailash Hospital Dehradun, Mr. Narendra visited the hospital and consulted Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. Vineet Tyagi. Through his reports, Doctor found out that the patient had advanced Osteoarthritis in the Left knee & he was admitted for treatment. His knee problem was successfully treated through Total Knee Replacement Surgery. The post-surgery patient was stable and after a few days, he was able to walk by himself. He is really happy with the treatment & shares his experience while appreciating the healthcare services of the hospital.

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