FITNESS MANTRA – Eat right, Exercise & Enough Sleep

“Being healthy and fit isn’t a trend, it is a lifestyle”

Eat Right, Exercise & Sleep Enough for Complete Healthy Lifestyle

We all agree to the healthy sayings & advices, but do we implement these in our lifestyle? Preferably not. Nutrition, exercise and rest are the ingredients of a complete fitness program.

Nutrition maintains health

Bodybuilding is 80% about nutrition. Proper diet is the most important factor in your muscle growth. Without proper nutrition and hydration, you will make little or no gains leaving yourself frustrated and stressed. As a beginner, you must always focus on your nutrition plan than working out rigorously. Diet with proteins, carbohydrates and fats help in growth and repair of muscle tissues.

Exercise to keep strong

Not only does exercise tone your body but it also improves your skin. It strengthens your muscles & keeps your bones strong. Exercise also benefits you in combating health diseases, increased relaxation, better sleep and mood, strong immune function.

Sleep Enough

Sleep impacts your results in the Gym with hormonal release which is closely related to muscle-size increase. Due to heavy workout, you get minor muscle tissue tearing, which get repaired while you’re at rest and built back due to which you notice strength and size gains. The repair process is evident of the interdependence of working out and sleep.

So, get started with your Fitness Lifestyle!

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