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Early Diagnosis of Epilepsy can help in better & timely treatment. Dr. Sunil Agarwal, Consultant Neurophysician at Kailash Hospital Greater Noida explains about the Diagnosis & Treatment of Epilepsy. Providing pre-emptive care, foremost the patient has to be brought to the nearby hospital. At Kailash Hospital, the patient goes through intensive care, advanced scanning, and imaging thereafter, the treatment starts. In order to treat epilepsy, anti-seizure medications are given at the hospital. The course runs for months, years, and sometimes for a lifetime period. For an effective treatment, patients are strictly instructed to follow the doctor’s prescription. However, all patients don’t require a lifelong course.

What to do after an Epilepsy Attack?
1) Lie down the patient, even if he or she is seated.
2) Remove the items that may cause injury to the patient.
3) Never put spoon etc anything in the mouth

Post-diagnosis care:
1) Patient should have a proper sleep cycle.
2) Immediate diagnosis for fever
3) The patient should not drive
4) Maintain a safe distance from the fire.

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