कोमा में जा चुका था मरीज़, कैलाश अस्पताल के न्यूरोसर्जन ने दी नयी ज़िंदगी

A Coma patient gets his life saved at Kailash Hospital. Some months back Patient Shailesh Singh suffered a leg fracture due to a fall which also caused him severe head injury. The leg injury was treated at the nearby hospital, but the head injury was ignored. No one was aware that this head injury could lead to bigger complications ahead. As patient Shailesh explains that some months later one day he got critically unwell & fainted down. In that unconscious condition he was rushed to a hospital where his CT Scan revealed that it was an internal brain injury that has caused him to lose conscious & almost losing his breath too. In this critically unconscious state, the hospital refused to admit the patient & referred him to Kailash Hospital Noida. He told that when he was brought to Kailash Hospital, he was almost losing his life & was in coma state but then it was Dr. Debabrata Mukherjee, Sr. Neurosurgeon of Kailash Hospital, Noida who took the risk to treat him. Dr. Debabrata held a scheduled surgery & proceeded to treat Critical patient Shailesh through complex Neurosurgery successfully & saved his life. Patient’s family was so glad to see Shailesh out of danger safe. Now when he is well recovered, he heartedly thanks Dr. Debabrata & Kailash Hospital staff for saving his life & caring for him so well.

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