Congenital Heart Defects: Symptoms & treatments | Kailash Hospital Dehradun

Congenital Heart Defects can be either genetic or due some preventable causes like smoking, alcohol or exposure to toxic chemicals during pregnancy. Most of the Congenital Heart Defects can be prevented during early pregnancy. Dr. Raj Pratap, Consultant Cardiologist at Kailash Hospital Dehradun explains about the increase in cases of heart defects nowadays due to unhealthy lifestyle during pregnancy. The early signs of Heart defects are generally unknown to most of the people, which risks millions of babies every year till they become complicated. Dr. Raj advises parents to get early pregnancy scans properly, follow a healthy routine & diet. Earlier the treatments were quite challenging, while the medical advancements have almost treatment for all types of heart defects.

For best treatment of all types of heart defects, consult our Cardiologists.
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