International Nurses Day Celebration at Kailash Hospital, Noida

Kailash Hospital, Noida celebrated the International Nurses Day today with the entire Nursing staff & honored…

World Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness

Observed to create global awareness about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, its symptoms and appropriate medical treatment.

International Nurses Day (12th May)

Greetings to entire Nursing fraternity on International Nurses Day for providing dedicated healthcare services to promote…

Hand Hygiene Championship Organized at Deepak Memorial Hospital

Hand Hygiene Championship Deepak Memorial Hospital, Delhi in collaboration with Kailash Hospital & Heart Institute, Noida, held…

World Thalassaemia Day ( 8th May )

Timely Treatment of Thalassaemia can promote healthy quality of Life.   Knowing the symptoms of Thalassaemia…

World Red Cross Day ( 8th May )

World Red Cross Day brings the message of working together towards health & sufferings.

World Hand Hygiene Day (5th May)

Practicing five important Hand Hygiene Moments can save Lives

World Asthma Day (2nd May)

World Asthma Day brings the important of Global Awareness of Asthma & It’s Causes   On…

World Immunization Week (24th to 30th April)

World Immunization Week brings awareness for importance of timely Vaccination for every child.   Know about…

World Malaria Day (25th April)

World Malaria Day encourages efforts towards prevention of Malaria     Prevent Mosquito Bites to Keep…

Earth Day (22nd April)

Earth Day enlightens our responsibility towards Environmental Protection  

World Liver Day (19th April)

World Liver Day Creates Awareness about the Symptoms and Treatments of Liver Diseases   Know about…

World Hemophilia Day (17th April)

World Hemophilia Day Creates Awareness about Bleeding Disorder and Its Symptoms  

World Health Day (7th April)

This year World Health Day draws light globally on treatment of “Depression”.

World Tuberculosis Day (24th March)

Early discovery of TB symptoms leads to early recovery