Earth Day (22nd April)

Earth Day enlightens our responsibility towards Environmental Protection  

World Liver Day (19th April)

World Liver Day Creates Awareness about the Symptoms and Treatments of Liver Diseases   Know about…

World Hemophilia Day (17th April)

World Hemophilia Day Creates Awareness about Bleeding Disorder and Its Symptoms  

World Health Day (7th April)

This year World Health Day draws light globally on treatment of “Depression”.

World Tuberculosis Day (24th March)

Early discovery of TB symptoms leads to early recovery

World Water Day (22nd March)

Water is Life, Do not Waste it….!!!

World Down Syndrome Day (21st March)

People with Down syndrome are not Disabled, They are naturally special. Encourage their social acceptance on…

World Oral Health Day (20th March)

Some Important Tips on World Oral Health Day

No Smoking Day (8th March)

Quit Smoking Before It Kills You Lung damage Heart diseases Cancer & Diabetes Infertility Cavities, mouth…