Breastfeeding: Elixir of Life | Kailash Hospital Greater Noida

Breast milk is the real elixir for your newborn – it’s practically the only thing that gives a new born all essential nutrients to lead a healthy life. The colostrum son after birth is also called “Liquid Gold” is extremely precious not only in terms of money, but for the value it holds for life. Dr. Sanchita Biswas, Sr. Obst & Gynaecologist at Kailash Hospital Greater Noida explains the importance & benefits of Breastfeeding for the baby as well as new mother. She tells that it reduces risk of Breast & Uterine Cancer too. So Breastfeeding should be included as essential health regime & maternity advice by all Obsterician & Gynaecologists.. Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby’s health.

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