Awareness about Echogenic Intracardiac Focus by Dr. Shruti Jain | Kailash Hospital, Sector 71, Noida

Echogenic Intracardiac Focus (EIF) is a relatively common sonographic observation observed on antenatal ultrasound scan. Dr. Shruti Jain Consultant Fetal Medicine and Genetics talks about Echogenic intracardiac focus with the most relevant information. Echogenic focus in itself does not affect structure and function of heart of baby before and after birth. It is considered a variation of normal heart anatomy and is not associated with any short- or long-term health problems. As Dr. Shruti advices women to undergo proper genetic counseling in such cases to avoid any risk of Down Syndrome or related problems and to clarify all forms of misinformation regarding it. She advices Pregnant women to have timely diagnosis & ultrasounds to ensure safe pregnancy.

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