August is Children ‘s Eye Health and Safety Month – Dr. Sonika Gupta, Senior Eye Specialist

August is Children ‘s Eye Health and Safety month. Dr Sonika Gupta, Senior Eye Specialist, Kailash Hospital Sector 71 , Noida talks about how to take care of and protect our children ‘s eyes. She recommends regular eye checks with Eye Specialist and immediate check up if there is blurred vision for far or near, crossed eye , redness and watering in eyes, repeated rubbing of eyes, headache or eyeache. There should be limited use of gadgets like laptop and mobile. Avoid use of cosmetics on children’s eyes. Toys used by children should be safe and should not have sharp edges. Children should be encouraged to do activities which stimulate vision like puzzles, building blocks, clay modeling color drawing. Healthy eye care habits should be instilled like using adequate lighting while studying and keeping books or devices at an adequate distance from eyes while using. Nutritious food especially green leafy vegetables and fruits should be given. All these eye care tips will help in maintaining good eye health in children.

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