Anomaly Scan / Level II Scan | Kailash Hospital Sector 71, Noida

Anomaly scan / Level II scan / Genetic sonogram / target scan is the most important scan done in 18- 20 weeks of pregnancy where baby is evaluated in detail. It can detect lots of problems including problems in baby’s spine(Neural tube defect), heart. kidneys, stomach etc. Features of chromosomal abnormality including Down syndrome are also evaluated. If any problem is diagnosed then appropriate management is done. Dr Shruti Jain, Consultant fetal Medicine and genetics elaborates about Anomaly scan / Level II / genetic Sonogram in detail : when , why , how it is done and the benefits of doing it. Kailash Hospital & Neuro Institute (KHNI) has advanced equipment for this USG and all other ultrasounds of pregnancy including Doppler and 3D and 4D scans.

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