A life-saving management of a critically injured patient | KHNI, Sector-71, Noida

Patient Rajiv Ratan Sah was rushed to Emergency Department of Kailash Hospital & Neuro Institute, Sec-71 Noida after he met a devastating accident. His wife Mrs. Pinky Raj Sah tells that he was brought in a very critical condition & the family was really worried about his life. The patient was immediately taken for a major surgery & was successfully managed by Sr. Neurosurgeon Dr. Shrikant Sharma & General Surgeon Dr. R.S. Mohil. Post-treatment patient’s condition is stable & soon to be recovered well. Patient Rajiv Ratan’s wife expresses her thanks towards te Doctors for saving her husband’s life & appreciates the committed efforts of the entire medical team for helpful patient-friendly care although.

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