6 Types of Obesity and Solutions to overcome each

6 Types of Obesity and Solutions to overcome each

6 Types of Obesity


With the advent of westernization, people tend to blindly ape the cultures and fads practiced in the West, leading to growing indulgence of interests and capacity in our lifestyles, proving obesity as major health concern leading to various other diseases. Obesity differs in individuals according to the body mechanism’s response to the kind of food & activity they carry out.

Know about Obesity

Obesity is a medical condition when excess fat is accumulated to the extent that it can be harmful to health. It is simply being overweight as per BMI (Body Mass Index) more than 30.People often get confused between being fat and being obese.

With this blog, we have tried to simplify the confusion on various types Obesity, which can help you get the right treatment and prevention measures.


1. Food Obesity


2. Thickness due to Nervous Stomach


3. Gluten diet


4. Genetic metabolic Obesity

5. Venous Circulation Obesity



6. Inactivity Obesity


The obesity demon needs to be tackled using a perfect blend of physical activity and a very carefully curated diet. Different types of Obesity inhibit different causes, side effects and treatments. Major reasons for obesity include food (with Sugar/Gluten), stress, genetic, constipation and inactivity. While regular exercise accompanied with healthy diet, & maintaining healthy BMI ratio helps manage Obesity.

Keeping obesity outside the door is in our hands. However, the means for doing so is completely up to the individual.


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